" I need to do this for myself. I need to do this before I start regretting that I didn't.

I need to go out on the streets and sing about peace and love. I need to be free.

I need to do this for us. For my heart and my soul "

- The Busking Man


It was towards the winter of late 2014, when Debo first got the idea to start busking (street music). His first busking experience was at Connaught Place in New Delhi. He busked a couple of more times in Delhi at different places like Hauz Khaz, the Pride Parade and Khan Market. The response was so amazing and he felt so good busking that one evening after coming back from work, he almost impulsively decided to quit his job and busk all across India!


He immediately downloaded a map of India, opened it on MS Paint and plotted the entire route of how he was going to travel across all the 29 states of India. He divided the entire journey in 4 legs.

(Pic on the right)

He decided to start his journey on the 1st of January 2015 from Kolkata and return back home on the day of his 30th birthday in July 17th.  

He named himself The Busking Man on the 1st of January, sitting on the train to Delhi from Kolkata. He did so because he wanted to start a Facebook page to post about his busking journey throughout India. The name became his identity since then.

After exactly seven months he turned 30 on a train back to Kolkata after successfully completing his audacious journey, busking across all the 29 states of India just as he envisioned it to be. 


And with that he became the first busker to busk in all the 29 states of India non-stop for a period of seven months! 

His primary motivation was to promote the concept of busking in India and also to spread the message of Peace and Love through music. He would always be seen performing with his three favourite placards which he painted himself and used them throughout his journey and gigs even till today.

(As seen below)


The Busking Man Map.jpg
busking man placards


A Journey of Peace, Love and Music Across India


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